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Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through City Energy Strategies

To promote renewables and energy efficiency as a practical means of assisting socio-economic development within urban communities, whilst restricting the growth of carbon emissions through ‘...

Regional Standards and Labelling Programme in Central America

To accelerate the market transformation towards energy efficient products in Central America by supporting the development of Standards and Labelling (S&L) programmes at a regional level.

Regulation Methodologies for Renewable Energy

To identify new procedures and codes to support renewable energy development.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy and Action Plan of Liberia

To increase national awareness on renewables and energy efficiency and remove barriers to investment and market development through a national policy instrument.

Renewable Energy Prospective Study and Proposal to remove the technical, economic, regulatory and fi

To make recommendations to improve the existing legal and regulatory framework to extend the national use of new renewable sources of energy from wind, solar, small hydro, geothermal, biomass and...

Renewable Energy Services for Developing Countries

Publish Recommended Practice Guides and conduct Workshops in developing countries to support agencies to develop and implement sustainable renewable energy services, including addressing the...

RETScreen Version 4

To empower an estimated 300,000 planners, professionals and decision-makers by 2012 to make better energy decisions as a result of the knowledge transferred and by the subsequent use of the...

Scaling up a proven mechanism to implement energy efficiency street lighting projects in India

Dissemination of a proven approach to develop, implement and finance municipal energy efficiency projects, working with private sector (ESCOs) and carbon finance, to eliminate the barriers for...

Securing Financing for RE/EE Projects in Southern Africa though Gold Standard CDM

To facilitate the financing of smaller renewable energy and energy efficiency CDM projects in Southern Africa using the Gold Standard as leverage.

Solar Cooling for Logistics Centre for 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Qingdao, China

GeneralSolar termal heating anc cooling technology was utilized in the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. Two separate systems supplied the Olympic sailing center in Qingdao with solar...

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