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6th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

To assist parliamentarians with coherent, coordinated and comprehensive strategies/guidance for renewable energy and energy efficiency policy at the EU and international level, including...

Amazonia Energy Initiative (Energia da Amazonia)

To design and start the Amazonia Energy Initiative (AEI) aimed at increasing energy access for isolated communities in the Amazon region while promoting productive and efficient energy use.

Analytical and Synthesis Study of REEEP Programmes

To conduct an analysis of the outputs and outcomes of REEEP's project portfolio. Evaluation questions will be answered, lessons learned generated and recommendations formulated.


Barrier Removal for Residential Energy Efficiency

To improve the institutional capacity of local and national governments to formulate policies that promote the development and implementation of residential energy efficiency projects, especially...

Building Energy Efficiency Codes in Russia and Kazakhstan

To improve compliance with new building energy codes and provide training and resources to enable designers to go further.To help building officials to better implement and enforce the codes.

Business Model Development for Biogas Electric Power Generation at Livestock Farms in China

To develop a business model to design, finance, build, integrate, and operate large-scale biogas facilities at livestock farms in China through market channel.

Business Model for Village Power in East Asian Countries

To transfer Chinese and international best practices of village power to East Asia countries via the establishment of a business model for PV village power in Mongolia.

Capacity Building for Regulators and Policy Makers in Andhra Pradesh

To apprise and train the regulators and policy makers in Andhra Pradesh about the international instruments like German Feed-In Tariff, Renewable Tax Credit (RTC) and Renewable Energy Obligation (...

Capacity Building Support for the Implementation of the Renewable Energy Law in China

To support the Government of China to implement the Renewable Energy Law, which came into force in January 2006.

Compiling RES Legislation for Kazakhstan

To generate support for renewable energy for inclusion in the legislation of Kazakhstan.

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