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Solar Thermal Energy

Brazil solar water heating market development

To promote SWH in Brazil through the improvement of technical standards and necessary policy and regulatory frameworks, as well as formulating a plan that could be monitored, evaluated and scaled...

China roadmap for 30% renewable energy penetration by 2030

To undertake the preliminary research on the role that RE could have for China by 2030, underpinning a specific RE target such as 30% with a deep analysis of economic development targets, energy...

Clean energy supply chain in Karnataka villages, India

To enable doorstep access to energy-efficient CFLs, pressure cookers, stoves, solar lighting system and lanterns, biogas and household hydro in the villages of the Indian state of Karnataka, by...

Combined legislative and financial mechanisms for solar water heater mass rollout

To support South African provincial and local governments in moving SWH legislation forward, and to continue the development of a combined framework of legislation, sound business models and...

Commercialisation of Large Scale Solar Water Heating Systems

To establish a facility for Solar Water Heating (SWH) to scale-up current activities in large scale SWH-applications.

Developing a Vehicle for Solar Water Heating Mass Implementation in South Africa

To assist at least three cities in developing vehicles for the mass rollout of solar water heaters and make cities aware of all renewable and energy efficiency alternatives available to them.

Engaging the banking sector in financing renewable energy

To identify the areas of opportunity for the financial sector to engage and accelerate its participation in renewable energy projects, particularly at a micro and small-scale level. This is an...

Establishing PFAN in Mozambique & Uganda

To establish PFAN networks and activities in Mozambique and Uganda, in support of other PFAN activities elsewhere in Africa.

Geographic information system (GIS) tools to support RE planning in Ghana

To develop GIS-based tools to support decision-making and policy initiatives that are designed to attract public and private investment in Ghana’s RE sector.

Innovative Financing for Solar Water Heating

To build knowledge about, and advance models for, innovative financial mechanisms to boost solar water heating.

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