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Monitoring, Targeting & Verification Tool for RETScreen software

More Private Pro-Poor Small Scale Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Investments in South Asia

To expand the investment portfolio and incorporate additional financing mechanisms into the S3IDF model to facilitate local finance and enterprise development for small REES projects with large...

National Model of Legal Framework to Promote the Use of Renewable Resources in Mexico

To propose the national model of legal framework to promote the use and exploitation of renewable energy resources in the states and municipalities of Mexico.

Panzhihua?s Pilot Action towards Sustainable Energy City

To develop an innovative toolkit with the Panzhihua Sustainable Energy City Plan and Action Plan, to improve Panzhihua's capacity of RE&EE policy & market development and establish an...

PEMF2 - Asia Sustainable Energy Fund

To establish a €50 million investment fund that will provide services and investment capital to enterprises and projects that generate renewable energy, enhance energy efficiency and offer...

Private-Public Partnership Mezzanine Fund

To develop a financing instrument to improve financing possibilities for RE and EE projects in the southern Mediterranean region.

Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through City Energy Strategies

To promote renewables and energy efficiency as a practical means of assisting socio-economic development within urban communities, whilst restricting the growth of carbon emissions through ‘...

Promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency through the regulatory process in India

To empower civil society and consumer groups to participate in both state and federal level regulatory processes in India, and to demand ambitious EE / RE regulations, coupled with their effective...

Promoting sustainable finance for clean energy projects in China

To develop a transparent and competitive financial market so that a wide range of financial tools and risk mitigation instruments are available for RE and EE projects in China.

REEEP Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Status Report on China

To conduct a comprehensive review of the status of China’s existing renewable energy and energy efficiency measures, and to produce a report on their effects and achievements, written by...

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