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Business Model for Village Power in East Asian Countries

To transfer Chinese and international best practices of village power to East Asia countries via the establishment of a business model for PV village power in Mongolia.

China roadmap for 30% renewable energy penetration by 2030

To undertake the preliminary research on the role that RE could have for China by 2030, underpinning a specific RE target such as 30% with a deep analysis of economic development targets, energy...

Geographic information system (GIS) tools to support RE planning in Ghana

To develop GIS-based tools to support decision-making and policy initiatives that are designed to attract public and private investment in Ghana’s RE sector.

Local Energy & Development Centres in Mozambique

To use the establishment of community-driven centres to give poor and low income communities in the central part of Mozambique improved access to renewable and energy efficient services, and to...

Monitoring, Targeting & Verification Tool for RETScreen software

Regulating off-grid renewable energy tariffs in Mozambique

To develop an off-grid RE tariff-setting tool for FUNAE that is suited to small-hydro, solar, wind and biomass (the most appropriate RE technologies for Mozambique), which is based on a detailed...

Support the Implementation of Brazil grid-connected solar photovoltaic roofs programme

To develop the Brazilian legal and regulatory framework towards the implementation of a large-scale grid-connected solar photovoltaic roofs programme.

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