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Energy Efficiency (general)

Renewable Energies Cooperation Certificates (RECC)

To increase the use of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) amongst the cooperation programmes of the European Union in all of the Mediterranean Area including the Red Sea and Middle...

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy and Action Plan of Liberia

To increase national awareness on renewables and energy efficiency and remove barriers to investment and market development through a national policy instrument.

Replicating innovative financing to link energy services and income generation

To scale up SELCO-implemented projects which create sustainable linkages between energy services, microfinance and income generation, improving lives of the poor.

RETScreen Version 4

To empower an estimated 300,000 planners, professionals and decision-makers by 2012 to make better energy decisions as a result of the knowledge transferred and by the subsequent use of the...

Securing Financing for RE/EE Projects in Southern Africa though Gold Standard CDM

To facilitate the financing of smaller renewable energy and energy efficiency CDM projects in Southern Africa using the Gold Standard as leverage.

Standardised Financial & Legal Documentation for RETScreen

Legal and financial costs can represent up to 2/3rds of pre-construction costs for clean energy projects, and are a critical barrier to the development of such projects. The RETScreen Clean Energy...

Study on a financing mechanism to accelerate building energy efficiency in China

To conduct a study of the market-based financing mechanisms and business models available and make expert recommendations to the Chinese government on which ones could best accelerate the uptake...

Support for Establishing a RE/EE Finance Facility in Brazil

To establish a dedicated private equity investment fund for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Technical Support to Energy Efficiency standards and labeling in India

To provide technical expertise to S&L in India, via Bureau of Energy Efficiency, for refrigerators, air conditioners, and consumer electronics resulting in increased consumer awareness and...

Technology leapfrogging in the Chinese lighting market through LED lighting

To develop a set of up-to-date practical test methods and evaluation criteria for LED lighting products in China, and use the technical methods established to steer the development of the LED...

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