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Energy Efficiency (general)

Energy efficiency technology transformation in metal casting in Southern India

To accelerate the adoption of cleaner and more energy efficient technology in the Coimbatore metal-casting cluster by building capacities on both supply and demand sides with training for...

Energy policies and regulations for the built environment in Bangalore, India

To help frame energy management policies and regulations for new and existing buildings in the City of Bangalore, covering a wide range of energy demand reduction and energy efficiency measures....

Establishment of the Pacific Islands Sustainable Energy Industry Association and Certification Scheme

To establish the Pacific Islands Sustainable Energy Industry Association and Certification Scheme for RE and EE practitioners.

Financial Models for Energy Efficiency in Water Services Across South Africa

To develop replicable models for financing energy and water efficiency projects within municipal water supply systems.

Financing Energy Efficient Street Lighting in India

Support the implementation of an innovative financing mechanism in order to reduce by 30-40% the consumption of the street lighting network in the cities of Madhya Pradesh.

Financing Municipal Energy Efficiency in the Commonwealth of Independent States

To enhance the capacity of local governments in countries of the CIS to obtain financing for municipal EE projects.

Hotel sector energy efficiency in Fiji

To promote a Low Carbon Tourism model amongst key stakeholders in Fiji, develop a structured marketplace for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) services and technologies tailored to...

Identifying corporate best practice in clean energy in emerging economies

To identify corporate best practices on promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, including tracking energy usage and strategies for reduction in China, Brazil, India and South Africa, and...

Implementation of a Dissemination Strategy for Efficient Cook Stoves in Northeast Brazil

To implement a dissemination strategy for efficient cook-stoves - including installation, sustainable forest recovery activities, and capacity building - that is adopted in Ceará state public...

Improving Electricity Governance in Brazil and South Africa

To improve governance of electricity in Brazil and South Africa by building government and regulatory capacity to implement legislation that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and...

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