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Energy Efficiency (general)

Creating a Link between Energy Services and Income Generation using Innovative Financing Catalyst
  • To promote innovations to increase access of energy services to rural poor through a multiple approach focused on income generation, innovative financing mechanisms and service delivery...
Design and Establish a Risk Mitigation Mechanism in India

To design and establish a risk mitigation mechanism to manage the investment risks in renewable energy in India.

Develop Innovative Policy Framework to address barriers to RE & EE deployment in the Mediterranean

To enhance the joint working relationship between the European Union and Morocco and other North African countries, to transfer European best practices in the use of renewables and energy...

Development of a Sustainable Energy Policy Framework for Guatemala

To prepare a proposal to the Government of Guatemala for a long-term national energy policy, with emphasis on renewable energy, energy efficiency and environment to foster poverty reduction,...

Development of an Energy Efficiency Programme for the Brazilian Market

To develop a structured energy efficiency programme for the implementation and financing of EE projects in the commercial and industrial sectors of Brazil.

Development of energy consumption quota for government agencies in Chongqing, China

To develop energy consumption quotas for the Chinese Chongqing municipal government agencies and provide methodology and training for achieving them, and act as an example for other cities in the...

Development of International Energy Management Standards for integration into the ISO 9000

To support the development of an international ISO Energy Management Standard (EMS) that incorporates the principles of industrial system optimisation and takes into account developmental...

Efficiency Power Plant (EPP) Implementation in Jiangsu, China

To help the Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission (ETC) and its Demand-Side Management (DSM) Center to strengthen implementation of its DSM/EPP programme.

Enabling small-business investments in clean energy in the Mediterranean

To support the investment decision process in small and medium-sized enterprises and direct it towards sustainable choices, centred  around the development of a self-evaluation kit for...

Energy efficiency policy instruments in Pacific Island countries

To accelerate the implementation of PIC national energy action plans including EE and EC strategies taking into account previous and on-going regional activities on EE.

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