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Climate change impact mitigation

Cap and trade scheme for the Mexican auto industry

To provide Mexico's National Institute of Ecology (INE) with a comprehensive economic analysis of its proposed cap and trade scheme for the Mexican automobile industry.

Clean energy policy and regulation in Tonga

To strengthen the regulatory capacity of the Energy Division (ED) of the Ministry of Lands, Survey, Natural Resources (MLSNR) in Tonga, helping  to operationalise the Renewable Energy Bill of...

Enabling small-business investments in clean energy in the Mediterranean

To support the investment decision process in small and medium-sized enterprises and direct it towards sustainable choices, centred  around the development of a self-evaluation kit for...

Establishing PFAN in Mozambique & Uganda

To establish PFAN networks and activities in Mozambique and Uganda, in support of other PFAN activities elsewhere in Africa.

Web-based tool for livestock-farm based biogas electricity generation

To provide small and mid-sized animal farms with an easy-to-use computer based tool, in  Portuguese, to calculate what it would take to install a biodigestor and generator, estimate potential...

Women's Energy Justice Network - CDM and microfinancing

To assist potential project developers and decision makers in the use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), voluntary carbon markets, and other project finance mechanisms to support small-...

Worldwatch input to IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Policy and Climate Change Mitigation

To enable Worldwatch to play a major role in research, analysis and production of the IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation through 2010 and to make policy...

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