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Business Model Development for Biogas Electric Power Generation at Livestock Farms in China

To develop a business model to design, finance, build, integrate, and operate large-scale biogas facilities at livestock farms in China through market channel.

China roadmap for 30% renewable energy penetration by 2030

To undertake the preliminary research on the role that RE could have for China by 2030, underpinning a specific RE target such as 30% with a deep analysis of economic development targets, energy...

Helping cities in Brazil adopt biogas technology for sanitation and power

To work with 3-5 Brazilian city governments to focus on methane recovery as a RE source, developing tools for other cities to use and policies to regulate solid waste disposal, landfills, and...

Market-based operating mechanism for large-scale biogas plants in China

To introduce a new market-based operating and service mechanism for large- and medium-sized biogas projects, and to draft a code for the design of them, so that biogas projects can run viably over...

Monitoring, Targeting & Verification Tool for RETScreen software

Web-based tool for livestock-farm based biogas electricity generation

To provide small and mid-sized animal farms with an easy-to-use computer based tool, in  Portuguese, to calculate what it would take to install a biodigestor and generator, estimate potential...

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