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REEEP Casestudies

Replicating innovative financing to link energy services and income generation

To scale up SELCO-implemented projects which create sustainable linkages between energy services, microfinance and income generation, improving lives of the poor.

RETScreen Version 4

To empower an estimated 300,000 planners, professionals and decision-makers by 2012 to make better energy decisions as a result of the knowledge transferred and by the subsequent use of the improved decision-making tools.

Roadmap for small wind power in China

To conduct a detailed study and evaluation on the potential of the SWP industry in China for both on-grid and off-grid applications, and make specific policy and strategy recommendations to the Chinese government to promote its growth.

Scale-up of Gold Standard expertise in emerging markets

Accelerate the growth of Gold Standard certified projects through training of validators, government representatives and local NGOs and financial institutions, with the goal of achieving another 50 Gold Standard projects in these regions.

Scaling up a proven mechanism to implement energy efficiency street lighting projects in India

Dissemination of a proven approach to develop, implement and finance municipal energy efficiency projects, working with private sector (ESCOs) and carbon finance, to eliminate the barriers for such projects in India

Securing Financing for RE/EE Projects in Southern Africa though Gold Standard CDM

To facilitate the financing of smaller renewable energy and energy efficiency CDM projects in Southern Africa using the Gold Standard as leverage.

Standardised Financial & Legal Documentation for RETScreen

Legal and financial costs can represent up to 2/3rds of pre-construction costs for clean energy projects, and are a critical barrier to the development of such projects. The RETScreen Clean Energy Legal Toolkit, a standardized financial and legal document management system integrated with the RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software, will help to significantly reduce these costs, thus breaking down barriers to the implementation of viable projects.

Study on a financing mechanism to accelerate building energy efficiency in China

To conduct a study of the market-based financing mechanisms and business models available and make expert recommendations to the Chinese government on which ones could best accelerate the uptake of energy retrofits.  

Support for Establishing a RE/EE Finance Facility in Brazil

To establish a dedicated private equity investment fund for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Support the Implementation of Brazil grid-connected solar photovoltaic roofs programme

To develop the Brazilian legal and regulatory framework towards the implementation of a large-scale grid-connected solar photovoltaic roofs programme.

Technical Support to Energy Efficiency standards and labeling in India

To provide technical expertise to S&L in India, via Bureau of Energy Efficiency, for refrigerators, air conditioners, and consumer electronics resulting in increased consumer awareness and sales of energy efficiency products.

Technology leapfrogging in the Chinese lighting market through LED lighting

To develop a set of up-to-date practical test methods and evaluation criteria for LED lighting products in China, and use the technical methods established to steer the development of the LED lighting industry as a whole. 

The Center for Learning on Decentralised Generation

To build capacity of utilities and government to scale-up decentralised generation and renewable energy use.

The International Sustainable Energy Assessment (ISEA) ? Implementation and Impact Phase

To supply a comprehensive, systematic and empirical treaty implementation database in order to support efforts to use law as an instrument to promote and support the development of the market for renewable energy globally.

The International Sustainable Energy Assessment (ISEA) ? Implementation and Impact Phase

To supply a comprehensive, systematic and empirical treaty implementation database in order to support efforts to use law as an instrument to promote and support the development of the market for renewable energy globally.

Using Financial and Market-based Mechanisms to improve Building Energy Efficiency in China

Financial and market-based mechanisms offer a route to increase take-up of energy efficiency measures in buildings.  While market based mechanisms, principally the Clean Development Mechanism, have acted as a trigger in the development of many large, industrial scale energy efficiency projects in China, there has not been, as yet, a similar uptake of projects involving energy efficiency improvements to buildings.

There is however significant potential to improve building energy efficiency and this project will

Using the Tamil Nadu Municipal EE Programme to create a replicable financing model.

To create a replicable financing model to ensure that the planned Municipal Energy Efficiency projects in Tamil Nadu state are successfully implemented using performance contracting and energy service companies (ESCOs).

Utilisation of Forest Biomasa for Substitution of F

To achieve economic, social, institutional and environmental benefits and improve energy security by providing transition from traditional fossil fuels to forest biomass in remote villages of the Volga River basin.

Web-based tool for livestock-farm based biogas electricity generation

To provide small and mid-sized animal farms with an easy-to-use computer based tool, in  Portuguese, to calculate what it would take to install a biodigestor and generator, estimate potential MWh generation for consumption or sale to the grid, and to register and sell the methane emission reductions through the American Carbon Registry (ACR) or the CDM.

Women's Energy Justice Network - CDM and microfinancing

To assist potential project developers and decision makers in the use of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), voluntary carbon markets, and other project finance mechanisms to support small-scale sustainable energy projects to deploy efficient cookstoves and other clean technologies at the household and rural community level in India.