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REEEP Casestudies

Panzhihua?s Pilot Action towards Sustainable Energy City

To develop an innovative toolkit with the Panzhihua Sustainable Energy City Plan and Action Plan, to improve Panzhihua's capacity of RE&EE policy & market development and establish an integral system with cross-sectoral mechanism.

PEMF2 - Asia Sustainable Energy Fund

To establish a €50 million investment fund that will provide services and investment capital to enterprises and projects that generate renewable energy, enhance energy efficiency and offer energy services in the Asian region.

Performance and Credit Risk Guarantees and Financing Mechanisms for ESCO-structured Energy Projects

To encourage local banks in Mexico to provide long term financing to ESCO-structured energy efficiency projects and accept Nacional Financiera, SNC (NAFIN) guarantees with the project's cash flows as collateral.

Policy support for Beijing's industrial energy planning

To support the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform (BJPC) by providing analysis and advice in the formulation of the industrial energy efficiency policy component and action plan for the 12th Industrial Energy Conservation Five-year Plan of Beijing for the years 2011-2015.

Private-Public Partnership Mezzanine Fund

To develop a financing instrument to improve financing possibilities for RE and EE projects in the southern Mediterranean region.

Promoting Low Energy Building Programmes in China

To reduce energy consumption in buildings through the adoption of new standards based on international best practices of energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy use by the Chinese government.

Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency through City Energy Strategies

To promote renewables and energy efficiency as a practical means of assisting socio-economic development within urban communities, whilst restricting the growth of carbon emissions through ‘making the case' for such practices, and ensuring related awareness, knowledge and capacity is built at local and national government level.

Promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency through the regulatory process in India

To empower civil society and consumer groups to participate in both state and federal level regulatory processes in India, and to demand ambitious EE / RE regulations, coupled with their effective implementation by utilities.


Promoting sustainable finance for clean energy projects in China

To develop a transparent and competitive financial market so that a wide range of financial tools and risk mitigation instruments are available for RE and EE projects in China.

Promotion of Solar Water Heating in Uganda

To save electricity especially during peak hours by switching water heating in households and institutions from electricity to solar water heating

REEEP Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Status Report on China

To conduct a comprehensive review of the status of China’s existing renewable energy and energy efficiency measures, and to produce a report on their effects and achievements, written by Chinese experts, in order to help other nations learn from China’s experience and assist Chinese decision-makers in addressing domestic energy and environmental challenges.

REEEP Report on Energy Efficiency 2008

To report on the global status of energy efficiency (EE) including an overview of energy efficiency measures, market potential for energy efficiency, annual energy savings, investments in energy efficiency and energy efficiency policies and programmes.

Regional Standards and Labelling Programme in Central America

To accelerate the market transformation towards energy efficient products in Central America by supporting the development of Standards and Labelling (S&L) programmes at a regional level.

Regulating off-grid renewable energy tariffs in Mozambique

To develop an off-grid RE tariff-setting tool for FUNAE that is suited to small-hydro, solar, wind and biomass (the most appropriate RE technologies for Mozambique), which is based on a detailed and accurate analysis of all the financial, economical, social and environmental aspects.

Regulation Methodologies for Renewable Energy

To identify new procedures and codes to support renewable energy development.

Removal of barriers in mainstreaming the biomass gasifier systems for thermal applications in India

To facilitate the large-scale penetration of the gasifier technology in India by the creation of a separate line of credit.

Renewable Energies Cooperation Certificates (RECC)

To increase the use of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) amongst the cooperation programmes of the European Union in all of the Mediterranean Area including the Red Sea and Middle East regions.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy and Action Plan of Liberia

To increase national awareness on renewables and energy efficiency and remove barriers to investment and market development through a national policy instrument.

Renewable Energy Prospective Study and Proposal to remove the technical, economic, regulatory and fi

To make recommendations to improve the existing legal and regulatory framework to extend the national use of new renewable sources of energy from wind, solar, small hydro, geothermal, biomass and ocean.

Renewable Energy Services for Developing Countries

Publish Recommended Practice Guides and conduct Workshops in developing countries to support agencies to develop and implement sustainable renewable energy services, including addressing the targets of the Millennium Development Goals.