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REEEP Casestudies

Identifying corporate best practice in clean energy in emerging economies

To identify corporate best practices on promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, including tracking energy usage and strategies for reduction in China, Brazil, India and South Africa, and then distil that practice into concrete, useable data, in a form that supports public policy-makers and regulators.

Implementation of a Dissemination Strategy for Efficient Cook Stoves in Northeast Brazil

To implement a dissemination strategy for efficient cook-stoves - including installation, sustainable forest recovery activities, and capacity building - that is adopted in Ceará state public policy through state development plans.

Improving Electricity Governance in Brazil and South Africa

To improve governance of electricity in Brazil and South Africa by building government and regulatory capacity to implement legislation that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and social welfare, in line with sustainable development and public interests.

Increasing Supply of Gold Standard CDM Projects

To provide support and training in the Gold Standard for CDM to increase the supply of quality energy efficiency and renewable energy projects accessing carbon markets.

Initiative for a water utility energy efficiency programme in Lesotho

To develop a national initiative for the reduction of energy consumption in water utilities in close cooperation with the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) of Lesotho.

Innovative Financing for Solar Water Heating

To build knowledge about, and advance models for, innovative financial mechanisms to boost solar water heating.

Innovative Market Mechanisms and Frameworks to Develop Biomass Co-firing Potential in China

To consider and make recommendations on the institutional framework, policies and regulations to promote biomass co-firing in China and to guarantee a sustainable biomass supply.

Latin American Regional Sustainable Energy Policy Development Initiative

To catalyse reforms of policies and regulations in the energy sector among key countries of Latin America through identifying the most viable reform opportunities and assisting Policy-makers and other stakeholders in the host countries to initiate critical reform efforts to improve market conditions for the development and use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and systems.

Legislative framework for wind power in Brazil

To develop a long term and stable legal framework for wind power in Brazil, seeking a wide spread of the technology, and creating the conditions for building a manufacturing, deployment and service industry in the country.

Lighting Africa 2010 Business Conference and Trade Show

To showcase and expand business opportunities in the off-grid lighting market, targeting low income populations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Local Energy & Development Centres in Mozambique

To use the establishment of community-driven centres to give poor and low income communities in the central part of Mozambique improved access to renewable and energy efficient services, and to reduce the use of traditional biomass by 15% by 2015.

Market Development for Clean Energy in North America

To convene a Clean and Diversified Energy Advisory Committee (CDEAC) and define specific task forces to identify technically and financially viable policy recommendations that mitigate environmental impacts.

Market-based operating mechanism for large-scale biogas plants in China

To introduce a new market-based operating and service mechanism for large- and medium-sized biogas projects, and to draft a code for the design of them, so that biogas projects can run viably over the longer term.

Microfinancing the uptake of modern cookstoves in Uganda

To promote the uptake of solar, biogas and institutional improved cook-stoves (ICS) technologies through building the capacity of microfinance institutions (MFIs) to support modern energy suppliers and consumers.

Millennium Development Goal Financing Facility (MDGFF) ? Participatory Business Planning

To lift significant numbers of the poor out of poverty through their ownership of financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable ventures, utilising renewables and energy efficiency - provided services and infrastructures.

Monitoring, Targeting & Verification Tool for RETScreen software

More Private Pro-Poor Small Scale Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Investments in South Asia

To expand the investment portfolio and incorporate additional financing mechanisms into the S3IDF model to facilitate local finance and enterprise development for small REES projects with large pro-poor impacts, global and local environmental benefits, and the continued dissemination of the model's successes and lessons.

National Action Plan for Rural Biomass Renewable Energy Development in China

To develop a National Action Plan for rural biomass renewable energy in China with supporting documentation. The National Action Plan will provide detailed measures to enable China to achieve its biomass development target in mid-term and long-term set in the National Strategy and reduce GHG emission.

National Implementation Roadmap for Wind in China

To develop a National Roadmap for Wind Development in China with supporting documentation that provides a detailed planning framework to enable China to achieve its intermediate and long term strategic wind development and policy goals for 2010 and 2020.

National Model of Legal Framework to Promote the Use of Renewable Resources in Mexico

To propose the national model of legal framework to promote the use and exploitation of renewable energy resources in the states and municipalities of Mexico.