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REEEP Casestudies

Energy policies and regulations for the built environment in Bangalore, India

To help frame energy management policies and regulations for new and existing buildings in the City of Bangalore, covering a wide range of energy demand reduction and energy efficiency measures.

Energy regulation to promote geothermal energy in Mexico

To assist the CRE in defining the necessary actions to promote the installation of geothermal projects, making use of the regulator’s new powers.

Engaging the banking sector in financing renewable energy

To identify the areas of opportunity for the financial sector to engage and accelerate its participation in renewable energy projects, particularly at a micro and small-scale level. This is an awareness raising effort to accelerate investments in renewable energies and promote the sustainable use of energy in the future.

Establish Pacific Micro Energy Service Companies (PMESCOs)

To establish and operate a micro energy service company with a micro credit facility to increase the use of small solar Photovoltaic (PV) LED Lighting systems in remote rural areas of Solomon Islands and Kiribati.

To quantify the carbon emission reductions achieved with the replacement of kerosene lights by small solar PV LED lighting systems.

Establishing PFAN in Mozambique & Uganda

To establish PFAN networks and activities in Mozambique and Uganda, in support of other PFAN activities elsewhere in Africa.

Establishment of the Pacific Islands Sustainable Energy Industry Association and Certification Scheme

To establish the Pacific Islands Sustainable Energy Industry Association and Certification Scheme for RE and EE practitioners.

Expanding and Globalising the APEC Energy Standards Information System (ESIS)

To expand and internationalise ESIS for energy efficient appliances and equipment beyond its current APEC focus.

Financial Models for Energy Efficiency in Water Services Across South Africa

To develop replicable models for financing energy and water efficiency projects within municipal water supply systems.

Financing Cogeneration and Small Hydro Projects in the Sugar and Tea Industry in East and Southern A

To analyse, understand and build capacity for addressing the challenges associated with lending to the tea and sugar industry for sustainable energy investments and enhance networking among financial institutions interested in financing these sectors.

Financing Energy Efficient Street Lighting in India

Support the implementation of an innovative financing mechanism in order to reduce by 30-40% the consumption of the street lighting network in the cities of Madhya Pradesh.

Financing Energy Upgrade in South African Low Income Homes

To develop a financial model appropriate to the South African context that will enable the national replication of the ‘low income urban housing energy upgrade project' currently being piloted in Kuyasa, Cape Town. This development process will consider both CDM and TREC financing mechanisms for which the energy upgrade project is eligible.

Financing for Bundled Small-scale Rural Renewable Ventures in India

To define and launch a new credit practice in Yes Bank (YBL) focused on financing for small-scale renewable ventures in rural India.

Financing Industrial & Commercial Energy Efficiency in Central America

To remove the main financial barriers that inhibit the implementation of energy efficiency investments in the industrial and commercial sectors in Central America, by the implementation of innovative financial mechanisms.

Financing Municipal Energy Efficiency in the Commonwealth of Independent States

To enhance the capacity of local governments in countries of the CIS to obtain financing for municipal EE projects.

Fuel barter model for biomass power generation in India

To develop a barter model linking the supply of electricity to farmers to a regular quantity of biomass supplied to the power plant throughout the year, creating a win-win-win situation for the farmer, the project developer and the utility, piloted around a proposed 8MW biomass plant in Rajasthan.

Geographic information system (GIS) tools to support RE planning in Ghana

To develop GIS-based tools to support decision-making and policy initiatives that are designed to attract public and private investment in Ghana’s RE sector.

Gold Standard (GS) Local Experts Programme

To build local expert capacity in clean energy project finance and development in Brazil, China, India and South Africa.

To realise eight renewable and energy efficiency Gold Standard CDM  Project Design Documents (GS PDDS) with financial plans.

Harmonisation Roadmap Development on Government Procurement for EE Products among APEC countries

To develop a harmonisation roadmap for government  procurement for energy efficient products through market and policy research.

Helping cities in Brazil adopt biogas technology for sanitation and power

To work with 3-5 Brazilian city governments to focus on methane recovery as a RE source, developing tools for other cities to use and policies to regulate solid waste disposal, landfills, and waste water treatment plants. 

Hotel sector energy efficiency in Fiji

To promote a Low Carbon Tourism model amongst key stakeholders in Fiji, develop a structured marketplace for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) services and technologies tailored to Fiji's hotel and resort sector, and provide a feasible platform for a tourism sector based small-scale CDM project based on EE & RE measures in hotel & resort.