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RETScreen Version 4

To empower an estimated 300,000 planners, professionals and decision-makers by 2012 to make better energy decisions as a result of the knowledge transferred and by the subsequent use of the improved decision-making tools.


Main activity and output: 
  • Translate software into 21 languages, including most key business/government languages of REEEP priority countries: Angola & Brazil (Portuguese); China (Simplified Chinese); India (English, Hindi, Bengali &Telugu); Kazakhstan & Russia (Russian); Mexico (Spanish); and Nigeria & South Africa (English);
  • Test and debug software, including beta testing with cases from selected REEEP priority countries;
  • V4 software release, outreach and dissemination via RETScreen Website, CD-ROM, email notices and press releases, with targeted dissemination in REEEP priority countries in collaboration with REEEP.
Expected impact: 
  • Development of RETScreen software for clean energy in 21 languages;
  • Provision of RETScreen software free-of-charge on RETScreen website and CD-ROM;
  • Targeted testing, outreach and dissemination of software in REEEP priority countries;
  • Increased and improved access to energy efficient technologies, awareness & capacity building, and facilitation of implementation of energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.