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Replicating innovative financing to link energy services and income generation

To scale up SELCO-implemented projects which create sustainable linkages between energy services, microfinance and income generation, improving lives of the poor.


28° 36' 0" N, 77° 12' 0" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Design energy service business models for combining product development and innovative financial schemes
  • Replicate the energy service program of SEWA Bank and SELCO with another similar microfinance institution for energy loan portfolios
  • Strengthen market service delivery mechanisms through local entrepreneurs, targeting 25 projects for energy service enterprises
  • Create awareness among financial institutions regarding the innovative financial models
Expected impact: 
  • Increased access to financing and affordable renewable energy solutions for underserved and communities without banks
  • Integration of an energy loan portfolio into the regular activities of more microfinance institutions, helping the poor access RE sources.
  • Access to products that are specifically suited to income generation activities for the poor
  • Opening of similar RE portfolios in other financial institutions, leading to more projects that link income generation and renewable energy.