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Private-Public Partnership Mezzanine Fund

To develop a financing instrument to improve financing possibilities for RE and EE projects in the southern Mediterranean region.


36° 48' 10.08" N, 10° 10' 46.92" E
34° 1' 12" N, 6° 49' 48" W
30° 3' 0" N, 31° 15' 0" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Analyse the RE and EE market structure and opportunities and evaluate the financing needs  in each country of the target area
  • Identify the optimal legal and economic framework for financing RE and EE projects in each country
  • Devise a structure for Public-Private Partnership between governmental agencies and private investors to: 

                   o improve risk allocation to better suit the objectives of the project partners                      o propose an efficient use of public funds to leverage private investor financing

Expected impact: 
  • Closing the gap between developer equity and available debt for RE and EE projects
  • Provision of additional financing to projects on better financial terms, thanks to more efficient and differentiated risk allocation
  • Opportunity for local developers to implement a larger number of projects while still maintaining ownership.
  • Use of public funds to attract private investors will leverage public funding and multiply its effect in terms of the number of projects supported
  • Involvement of local players will allow the financing of medium and small scale projects, usually not considered by large investors.