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Monitoring, Targeting & Verification Tool for RETScreen software

To incorporate a monitoring, targeting, and verification (“MTV”) tool into the existing RETScreen software.


Main activity and output: 
  • Develop a multilingual monitoring, targeting, and verification tool for integration into a future release of the RETScreen Clean Energy Software.
  • Create training material for the MTV tool, which will be integrated into RETScreen’s online manual and Clean Energy Project Analysis Training Course.
  • Promote and disseminate the MTV tool in a pilot project in India, China or Brazil with a group of key stakeholders
Expected impact: 
  • An MTV tool will be available in the RETScreen software, translated into 35 languages, and available worldwide at no cost. 
  • The tool will make it possible to record and attribute energy consumption and costs; identify energy problems and billing discrepancies; allow the user to prioritize energy capital investments (such as retrofits); evaluate energy management program success and communicate the results; create incentives for energy management; budget energy costs more accurately; and empower the user to negotiate lower energy prices.
  • Through the use of the RETScreen MTV tool, the average building will be able to save about 10-15% in energy costs, as well as achieve a 10-15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • It is estimated that by 2013, the RETScreen software and MTV tool will contribute to global user savings of $7.9 billion, an installed clean energy capacity of 24GW worth $41 billion, and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 20MT/year.