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Hotel sector energy efficiency in Fiji

To promote a Low Carbon Tourism model amongst key stakeholders in Fiji, develop a structured marketplace for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) services and technologies tailored to Fiji's hotel and resort sector, and provide a feasible platform for a tourism sector based small-scale CDM project based on EE & RE measures in hotel & resort.


18° 7' 59.88" S, 178° 25' 1.2" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Develop a strategic plan for implementing a range of EE & RE solutions in the Fijian hotel & resort sector
  • Establish local partnerships in Fiji to facilitate the project and provide long-term benefits to the community
  • Identify key stakeholders and create a sector-wide Low Carbon Tourism alliance to include among others the Fijian Island Hotel and Tourism Association, Tourism Fiji, Individual Hotel & Resort operators, Fiji Department of Energy, Department of Environment, Reserve Bank of Fiji, Ministry of Finance and national Planning, Fijian Australian Business Council, International and Local financial institutions, and local media organisations.
  • Develop and launch an online marketplace for the EE & RE technology and service providers to tourism sector
  • Develop an advisory paper on the application of smale-scale CDM to Fijian hotel/resort industry
  • Launch project at Fijian Australian Business Council (FABC) Forum on 30th November 2009
Expected impact: 
  • Improved awareness of RE/EE solutions within the tourism sector
  • Functioning online marketplace for RE and EE solutions, ongoing relationships between service providers and torism sector
  • Formation of strategic alliance of key private and public stakeholders for a Low Carbon Tourism initiative in Fiji
  • Estimated annual GHG reduction of 500 to 1,500 tCO2e per hotel
  • CDM used as funding vehicle to subsidise small scale bundled EE/RE project(s)
  • Longer-term export of sectoral approach to other neighbouring Pacific Island countries