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Financial Models for Energy Efficiency in Water Services Across South Africa

To develop replicable models for financing energy and water efficiency projects within municipal water supply systems.


South Africa
25° 42' 24.84" S, 28° 13' 45.84" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Incorporate project financing into USAID-funded Watergy projects in seven South African cities;
  • Develop Watergy financial models that address legal and financial barriers impeding the development of sustainable municipal water energy efficiency projects;
  • Compile a set of case studies for completed and on-going water energy efficiency projects and their financing;
  • Organise high-level policy roundtable to engage governments, business and financial sector support;
  • Develop official capacities of participating municipalities for policies, financing and technologies for water efficiency improvements.
Expected impact: 
  • Reduction in cost savings through financial models to fund energy conservation;
  • Replication in other countries in the region that are struggling with energy shortages and poor delivery of urban water services.