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Engaging the banking sector in financing renewable energy

To identify the areas of opportunity for the financial sector to engage and accelerate its participation in renewable energy projects, particularly at a micro and small-scale level. This is an awareness raising effort to accelerate investments in renewable energies and promote the sustainable use of energy in the future.


19° 26' 3.12" N, 99° 8' 18.96" W
Main activity and output: 
  • Conduct a market opportunity assessment;
  • Conduct a review of existing financial products;
  • Develop a strategy to increase awareness, engagement and capacity building of the financial sector;
  • Host a consultation meeting with the main stakeholders within the energy and financial market;
  • Pilot a project that implements the strategies within one of the programmes that CONAE is currently developing: solar water heaters;
  • Monitor, evaluate and market the results.
Expected impact: 
  • At least one commercial bank engaged in financing small scale renewable and energy efficiency projects;
  • Increase the interest and awareness of local banks in the sustainable energy business. Expression of interest from at least three local banks;
  • Contribute to clarifying the renewable energy market opportunities in Mexico aiming to increase the awareness and engagement of the local financial sector and consequently accelerate investments;
  • Replicate the model in other Latin America countries;
  • Contribute to the design of future government initiatives to increase investment in the sustainable energy.