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Energy efficiency policy instruments in Pacific Island countries

To accelerate the implementation of PIC national energy action plans including EE and EC strategies taking into account previous and on-going regional activities on EE.


17° 43' 59.88" S, 168° 19' 1.2" E
Solomon Islands
9° 25' 59.988" S, 159° 56' 60" E
13° 49' 59.88" S, 171° 43' 58.8" W
7° 29' 35.988" N, 134° 38' 2.4" E
Marshall Islands
7° 5' 60" N, 171° 22' 58.8" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Situation Analysis and feasibility study on the impacts of introducing an appliance labelling programme in Samoa and Vanuatu.
  • Development of legislation necessary to the enactment of an appliance labelling programme in Samoa.
  • Energy auditing in Palau, the Marshall Islands (RMI) and Vanuatu to support the formulation of EE and EC activities, training of local personnel and development of demand side demonstration projects.
  • Develop an extensive awareness and educational programme supporting the above activities, including flyers, posters, booklets, radio & TV programmes for translation into local languages of the participating countries.
Expected impact: 
  • Noted improvement in the implementation of national energy action plans in PICs.
  • Enhanced awareness and positive attitude towards the benefits of energy efficiency and conservation amongst the population, utilities and businesses.
  • Increased collaboration between public and private sectors in each of the participating PICs, and amongst agencies at the regional level
  • Demonstration projects that underline the benefits of energy efficiency and conservation which may lead to larger scale implementation in the participating countries and possible replication in other PICs.
  • Wider scale partnership activities with the appliance labelling component of the project via the Australian Government (REED)