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Creating a Link between Energy Services and Income Generation using Innovative Financing Catalyst

  • To promote innovations to increase access of energy services to rural poor through a multiple approach focused on income generation, innovative financing mechanisms and service delivery mechanisms.
  • Secondly, the project aims to ensure that more energy services-based income-generating products, new credit mechanisms and creative marketing methods are infused into the targeted markets.


Sri Lanka
6° 55' 54.984" N, 79° 50' 52.08" E
28° 36' 0" N, 77° 12' 0" E
27° 28' 59.88" N, 89° 35' 60" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Analyse the various target segments of SEWA Bank;
  • Identify the appropriate energy service for the selected target segments of SEWA Bank and the financial institutions in Karnataka;
  • Demonstrate the particular energy service to the targeted segments and potential entrepreneurs from the selected segments;
  • Work with the respective financial institutions to create the appropriate financing mechanism for the end-user and entrepreneur.
Expected impact: 
  • Establishment of strong links between energy services and income generation and between poverty and lack of energy services;
  • Increased energy service affordability through flexible financing;
  • Increased income and/or increased quality of life for the end-user and increased local employment.