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China roadmap for 30% renewable energy penetration by 2030

To undertake the preliminary research on the role that RE could have for China by 2030, underpinning a specific RE target such as 30% with a deep analysis of economic development targets, energy resource availability, and environmental factors, as a sound reference for government policymaking.


39° 55' 44.04" N, 116° 23' 16.8" E
Main activity and output: 
  • Build upon the previous work done by ERI for the Chinese government on setting the RE target for 2020
  • Analyse the significance of a high RE share of the energy mix in comparison to other scenarios
  • Examine China’s inherent RE resource potential, including technically viable resource quantities, available land area, water potential, grid capability etc.
  • Depict China's RE development roadmaps with supply curves and forecasts of RE cost competitiveness
  • Set appropriate RE targets in view of resource availability, cost effectiveness, and sustainable development demand
  • Summarise the challenges to realising the targets, the key projects needed,  and the necessary policy instruments
  • Make an in-depth scenario analysis in analysing the 30% target and other possible targets
Expected impact: 
  • Research output will serve as a basis for government to clearly understand the future RE picture
  • Help the Chinese energy authority to outline the long-term RE target for 2030;
  • Research will influence the Chinese government's strategy policy in combating the climate change
  • Academic organisations and high- and new-tech enterprises will have a basis on which to formulate their research and business plans